The EU referendum on the 23 June 2016 was a very important moment in our nation's history.  We believe that our exit from the EU was significant for the nation and its spiritual wellbeing, which is the key charitable purpose of Intercessors for Britain.  We therefore took a position on the referendum, which we believe was proportionate and appropriate alongside the rest of the work we do.  We also recognise that some within our membership might see things differently.

Our main output on this matter was "A Christian Perspective on the European Union".  This booklet was widely shared, and is available to download below.  While events have moved on significantly since 2016, the booklet is still relevant as an explanation of why and how we prayed over Brexit (before and after the referendum), and of how we should consider the European Union going forward.


You can download a copy of the leaflet below, or if you'd like one or more printed copies, please contact us to request this.  We never make a charge for our printing or postage costs, and are happy to send them for free.  If you would ever like to make a donation, please see our donation page.

We also produced a video before the referendum, and like the booklet, it still has relevance today:

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