The EU, The Referendum & Brexit

Update following the

General Election


We also produced a video to accompany the booklet. 

The EU referendum on the 23 June 2016, was a very important moment in our nation's history. Our exit from the EU is important for the nation and its spiritual well being, which is the key charitable purpose of Intercessors for Britain. Hence we took a position on the referendum, which was proportionate and appropriate alongside the rest of the work we do.

We produced a booklet, A Christian Perspective on the European Union and the Referendum, as well as other resources, if you would a hard copy or copies of the booklet, then please e-mail us at with your postal address and how many copies you would like. While it was written before the referendum, it may still be useful to share with other believers the importance of Brexit. There is an electronic version below, but which isn't really suitable for home printing, so we recommend you pass on hard copies to friends. We do not make any charge for the booklets or postage. Any donations to cover the costs, cheques should be payable to Intercessors for Britain.