Who leads IFB?

Intercessors For Britain has always been led by a Director, who reports to the board of trustees.  In April 2021, Ashley Thompson and Josh MacDonald were appointed to be Co-Directors of IFB, taking over from Dave Borlase.

Ashley Thompson

Ashley lives on the Wirral near Liverpool, where he helps to lead a church.  He has also spent several years in secondary school teaching.  He is married with 4 children.


Josh is married with 3 children, and lives in York where he owns and runs a property repair business.  He has also served in church leadership or ministry in several churches.

Josh and Ashley share a particular desire to see more families and younger people getting involved in prayer for the nation, and to make full use of social media and other tools to engage more people in this.

Past Leadership

Intercessors For Britain was founded by Denis Clark in 1969 (see our About Us page for more information on this), and it was led by him for its first decade.  Alex Buchanan took over the leadership for a time, followed by Ray Borlase, who led IFB for 20 years, and published two books (Trumpet Call to Prayer, and Ready For His Return).  Stewart Dool then led IFB briefly, before Ray's son Dave Borlase took up the mantle.

IFB Intercessors For Britain

 We inspire and inform prayer for the UK and the church, with prayer days, conferences, prayer news, leaflets and videos.

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