Social Media

You can connect with us easily on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where we hope you’ll find our posts helpful to your personal prayer life.


We’re currently working on building these up – our aim is provide news items and prayer inspiration across all 3 platforms, but on Facebook and Twitter we’ll feature more news, and on Instagram we’ll focus more on inspiring the next generation of believers in prayer.


If you use social media, we’d love you to do 3 things for us, which are all explained below:

  • Connect with us on whichever platforms you can

  • Prioritize our posts on your feed, so you don’t miss any

  • Engage with our posts, to boost how much you and others see them



How to connect with us

Click the links below to find us on each platform. 



1) Go to

2) Click “Like” at the top of the page.

3) See below for how to make sure you always see our posts.



1) Go to

2) Click “Follow” at the top of the page.



1) Go to

2) Click “Follow” at the top of the page.



How to prioritize our posts, so you don’t miss any

Social media sites use complicated algorithms to decide which posts to show you.  This means that you may not be shown all of our posts, even when you’ve liked/followed us.


On Facebook, you can ask to see our posts nearer the top of your news feed:

Option 1 – Go onto our Facebook page, and click the 3 dots.  Then either click “Following” and “See first” (on a mobile), or “Follow settings” and “Favourites” (on desktop version).

Option 2 – Go into your Facebook settings, open “News Feed Preferences”, click “Favourites” or “Manage Favourites”, and add us to the list.


But for all 3 social media sites, engaging with our posts is the best way to be shown more of them, as explained below.



How to engage with our posts, so you and others see them more

Social media sites calculate which posts to show you based on what, and who, you’ve engaged with before.  So the more time you look at our posts, click on them, and especially like/share them, the more you will start to see them in your news feed.


Your engagement with a post also helps decide how much it’s shown to other people.  If a post isn’t getting much attention from those who are shown it, it stops being shown to other people – but a post that's proving to be popular will be shown to lots more people.


You can boost our posts' popularity by:

  • Spending time reading them (rather than scrolling straight past)

  • Clicking on any links in the posts

  • Liking our posts (you can choose more than just "like" - e.g. "love", "sad", etc)

  • Sharing our posts (when they're appropriate for the people you’re friends with)


Your support and involvement is greatly appreciated as we seek to spread messages about prayer to others!

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