What's going on, and where?


Unfortunately, the New Year Prayer and Bible week has been cancelled due to such uncertainty and various restrictions that would have been placed upon us. However, we will have Zoom meetings to replace it over the New Year period. If you wish to join these Zoom events please email us at mail@intercessorsforbritain.co.ukIf you haven’t already done so. If there are others who you know personally, who would like to join with us, please also ask them to email us at the above address. If you have received details of the previous Zoom meetings then you are on our Zoom list. If you haven’t then you will need to contact us to be added to the list.

These events will generally just be prayer, with a pre-recorded message on Youtube. (CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK)

Here is a video that explains how you can use zoom (CLICK HERE) - If you are using a smartphone or tablet, search for and download the app in your app store.

If you would like to join us for the conferences, drop us an e-mail at mail@intercessorsforbritain.co.uk or use the contact form for further details.

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