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Physical events

Sat 29th Jun, 10am-4pm

Ashley leading an IFB prayer and Bible day at The Venue, 7-11 Broughshane Street, Ballymena, Northern Ireland, BT43 6EB. Bring a packed lunch.

Fri 16th - Mon 19th Aug

Family-friendly IFB conference at Cloverley Hall, Calverhall, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 4PH. Open to all as usual, but with a range of provisions for families. This is a new venue for IFB, with significant price reductions and sole usage for IFB. However, the bedroom arrangements are different, making early booking even more important to avoid disappointment. Get more details and book asap using the links below or by contacting the office.

Mon 30th Dec - Thurs 2nd Jan

Prayer and Bible Conference at High Leigh Conference Centre, Hertfordshire. Get more details and book now using the links below, or contact the office.

Zoom meetings

This year, we have changed our Zoom meetings from the previous quarterly frequency to a monthly slot on Monday / Saturday evenings, 7.45-9pm. Below are provisional dates for the rest of the year (dates could change, but this is unlikely). We have a separate email list for Zoom meetings, which we use to give login details and notify of changes – you can add yourself to the list by clicking “update your preferences” at the bottom of our emails, or can contact us.

May: Sat 11th    

Jun: Mon 10th
Jul: Sat 20th    

Aug: Mon 5th

Sep: Sat 14th    

Oct: Mon 14th    

Nov: Sat 9th    

Dec: Mon 9th

Conference information

Our conferences are led by Ashley and Josh, with corporate intercession, challenging Bible teaching, good fellowship, quiet grounds and nice food.

Early bookings are both helpful for IFB and safer for you to avoid disappointment. Download the details below to find out more. To book, you can either fill in the online form below, print off and return the printable form, or contact the office to request a copy.

IFB Intercessors For Britain

We inspire and inform prayer for the UK and the church, with prayer days, conferences, prayer news, leaflets and videos.

Will you join us?

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