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Over the years, Intercessors For Britain has published a number of booklets and leaflets giving teaching and information on various topics.  Together with our talks and the editorials in our prayer bulletins, our leaflets allow us to address key topics and concerns in detail.

We are in the process of updating older publications and creating new ones (along with new videos on current topics) - but for now, you can read our new publication below, and can also read two popular older booklets about abortion and Brexit which are still available.

Open letter to the church

At the close of 2023, we released an open letter to the church, expressing our burden about the church in the UK, the prospect of great shaking to come, and the need to repent and prepare. We also included a prophetic word we believe the Lord gave us as a warning to those in places of danger. We invite you to read it, and prayerfully consider sharing it with other believers and churches you're in contact with.

"An Introduction To Intercession"

This booklet provides biblical teaching about why and how we should pray for others. We are also releasing two video series which provide similar information. We pray this will be a blessing for both new and experienced intercessors, and we encourage you to share it with others who may find it helpful.

We have also produced a series of videos on why and how we pray, covering similar content in a different format. You can watch these here:

IFB Talks

A key part of IFB's work is to provide sound Bible teaching, both to help people in prayer and to counter some of the false and dangerous teaching that is harming the Church.  We sometimes do this through leaflets and publications, but our main teaching output is via talks.

All of our recent talks are freely available, and can be found on YouTube using the button below.  

If you have a Google/YouTube account, please do subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you get a notification whenever we upload a new talk.

You can see a preview of our channel below, showing the most recent videos.  Visit us on YouTube to see our channel properly!

IFB Intercessors For Britain

We inspire and inform prayer for the UK and the church, with prayer days, conferences, prayer news, leaflets and videos.

Will you join us?

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