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It's free to become a member of Intercessors For Britain, as all our costs are covered by supporters' donations.  Members receive updates about our prayer days and other events, and a prayer bulletin several times a year (by post or email) covering recent and upcoming developments in the nation for prayer. 

Our only request is that members try to pray regularly for the nation - while this can be hard with busy schedules, God can help us to make time for it, and there are various apps and resources available to help us be disciplined in our prayer lives.

If you'd like to become a member of IFB, just fill in the form below.  (Note: if you'd like to contact us about anything else, please use our contact page instead.)

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IFB Intercessors For Britain

We inspire and inform prayer for the UK and the church, with prayer days, conferences, prayer news, leaflets and videos.

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