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The Church & Salvation

Street preacher vindicated after wrongful arrest

Rugby Australia settles with Israel Folau over sacking

Universities launch free speech societies

Christian doctor secures freedom to pray

Hounded out of his job for opposing Pride

Christian Concern: C of E guidance on relationships and sex education contradicts Bible teaching

Sanctity of Life

‘Boy with no brain’ continues to defy expectations

Royal College risks ‘squeezing out’ medics who question abortion

Anglicans oppose decriminalisation of abortion

Cardiff Uni SU adopts official pro-abortion policy

Human dignity – a perspective from disability

Sexual Morality

My Body is Me!: Children’s book counteracts gender ideology

Poll: Fewer than one in three Scots support sex changes for 16-year-olds

Detransitioning: ‘How do I go back to who I was?’

Stonewall guide ‘misleads and intimidates’ schools over ‘inclusive’ Ofsted checks

Gay rights activist: NI lacks free speech protections for same-sex marriage

The Welsh government must prove its new RSE curriculum won’t sexualise children

Other Religions

Blasphemy laws continuing cause for concern for Christians in Pakistan

Iran threatens to “annihilate” UK as Hezbollah calls Britain a “leading terrorist entity”

Rocketman: Vatican funded explicit film of Elton John’s life

Who was Usman Khan? The attacker who hoodwinked authorities to fulfil his terrorism dream

Former Anti-Terror Judge Warns of Danger from Jihadis Set for Prison Release

Usman Khan’s Lawyer Admits Terrorist May Have ‘Deceived’ Him and Authorities by Appearing Reformed

Domestic Policy

Legalising cannabis ‘no liberation at all’

Election Briefing 2019: Manifesto pledges now available

Election 2019: manifesto roundup- Christian Concern

Labour plans to downgrade Christianity in the school curriculum

Boris Johnson says he is 'looking at' reforming licence fee in impromptu attack on BBC

82 Per Cent of Britons Back Scrapping Early Release After Terror Attack


Eurocrat Brands Brexit ‘One of the Most Spectacular Mistakes’ in History

Labour Would Give EU Nationals the Vote in Second Brexit Referendum

Boris Won’t Rule out Possibility of Clean-Break Brexit

Former Speaker Admits He ‘Facilitated’ Stopping Clean-Break Brexit

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