So what is Intercessors for Britain and what do they do?

IFB's beginnings

Intercessors for Britain began in 1969 by Denis Clark who at one time was European leader of Youth for Christ. Denis had an increasing concern about the state of the nation. On New Year's day in 1969 he set aside time to wait upon the Lord with a few others. Out of that time, it was felt that they should seek volunteers to cover every hour during each week to pray for the nation. That would require 168 people. Actually 200 people volunteered to pray for an hour each week although not every hour was covered. There were some gaps during the night. Thus Intercessors for Britain was born.  The numbers continued to grow so that there were over 3,000 intercessors at one point. While we no longer seek to cover every hour, we do ask that people should pray each week for the nation.

What do we do?

As part of our involvement in praying for the nation we send out a bi-monthly bulletin, but also encourage people to observe the news and bring those concerns before the Lord in prayer. We take note of bills and debates in Parliament as well as government policies and various issues. The moral and spiritual declines within our nation are obvious concerns as well as areas of opposition to the Christian faith. The proclamation of the gospel is obviously important in this whole area and also the spiritual wellbeing of the Church.

What is an intercessor?

Finally what is an intercessor? Intercession is simply praying on behalf of another or others. Every Christian ought to be an intercessor because we all ought to pray for other people. While some people may not be so concerned about national issues, 1 Timothy 2:1-5 shows us again that every Christian ought pray for those in authority which includes the Government, the police, the judiciary and even local councils. Perhaps you would feel that it is right to join the ranks of intercessors and in a spiritual sense join the battle for Britain.