Over the years, Intercessors For Britain has published a number of booklets and leaflets giving teaching and information on various topics.  Together with our talks and the editorials in our prayer bulletins, our leaflets allow us to address key areas of concern - particularly in the church, where error can so easily creep in unchecked.

We are in the process of updating older publications and creating new ones (along with new videos on current topics) - but for now, you can read and download some of our leaflets further down this page.

The Watchman

The Watchman is a collection of articles that is sent out 3 times a year to those who wish to receive it.  It began in 1998 because we felt God wanted, as part of the ministry of Intercessors for Britain, to call the Church to maintain its biblical faithfulness in both its teaching and its function.  At a time when the Church has seen increasing deception and a tendency towards entertainment rather than building up the saints through true biblical exposition, there is the need to call the Church back to its fundamentals.  The articles which appear in its pages seek to challenge believers to maintain the truth once and for all delivered to the saints.

The Watchman is free to receive, like our bulletin and other materials, thanks to people's donations.  You can receive the Watchman on its own (if you're not an IFB member) by emailing with your name, address and postcode - but we'd love you to become a member too, which is free and will keep you up-to-date with our prayer news and events, as well as with the Watchman.

Currently available leaflets

As mentioned above, we are updating and adding to our collection of leaflets at the moment, but the following are available to download for now.  Please note that the last two are older and have the wrong address.

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